Tuesday, January 10, 2012

etsy new feature

Here is a neat site to check out....Did a little piece and featured one of my shirts :)

Living large in a small space with a big closet

I’ve become a bit obsessed with analogue photography, I visitLomography daily…adding cameras to my wishlist which will give me deep saturation with a vintage feel and the classic square shape.  Lomography is a shop and a community, I love looking at the photos loaded by its members.  I also decided to see check out the offerings to express my new love at my favorite marketplace, etsy…

This vintage Pouva camera from Germany in the ’50s may or may not be operational but either way it would still look cool in my home office.  Find it at camelotia, a vintage etsy seller in Portugal.
The Ts for toddlers from little lee studios in Fort Worth are adorable!  I wish this long sleeve with a Holga illustration came in my size.
I would love taking cool shots all over Maui with this Diana camera from KTs Version’s shop in Ohio.
Little moleskine notebooks are a constant in my bag, great for taking bloggy notes on the fly or writing random thoughts.  I really dig this vintage camera print on subtleacts version.
Every doll and dollhouse needs a pink vintage camera, don’t you think?  How about this kawaii version by Kuloft…They also have an adorable website.
Don’t know what to get the photog who has everything including a sweet tooth?  How about some camera cookies from Manjar
Do you shoot analogue photography? I’d love to know if you load your pics on Flickr or lomography so I can take a peek…
All images via merchant’s etsy shop.

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