Saturday, April 21, 2012

my best friend

Here is a baby t-shirt that is the product of my late night printing session.  I work best when everyone is asleep...more peaceful and thought provoking :)  This is a drawing that was drawn
quite a while ago...almost in a different life.  I had yet to have my two daughters...I hadn't even met my husband yet.  It seems like such a long time ago, but it was probably only 5 years ago, maybe six no wait...make that 8 years ago.  I was at a restaurant with my best friend (at the time...who I haven't spoken to in years-which is my fault for not keeping in touch)  It was off 635 and MacArthur Blvd in Irving...I cannot remember the name of the restaurant.  Of all of the things I cannot remember I do remember these few things.  He would have wrote a much better post than I could ever write.  The tables had brown craft paper on them, and they left crayons on the table so you could draw while you waited for your food...for me that was fantastic.  And this is where this drawing came from.
I have since redrawn the image ever so slightly to be printed better, but otherwise it is exactly the same.  While I was printing this shirt I got to thinking...the image is a drawing of my dog oliver, hands down the best dog in the world.  I have had him since March 11 2000.  Funny how you remember certain dates in your life, because for one reason or another they are profound in some way.  He has been through so many things with me...great times...horrible times and everything in between.  He has been around to see me go from the college art student to the mother of two.  He knows more about me than anyone really, yeah...some of you may say he is just a dog...but you don't know my oliver.  He is now such an old man...but he has always been an old soul...I have always joked that he has always been such an old man, just in his attitude alone.
Here is a pic of oliver and my 3 year shows how big of a dog he is!  Printing tonight has brought up two things in my mind...which is why I love art so much.  Art doesn't let me forget, it saves a place in time for me that I can always go back to.  I am so grateful that I got to have such a wonderful dog in my lifetime...don't think I will ever be able to replace him, and I am going to enjoy ever moment I have left with him.  And second, after all of this time I believe I let a friend down so many years ago and have always known that I did, and made a mistake not being there for a friend when they needed me to be there.  I have thought about it off and on for years, but never made an apology, may be now I can do that. 

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